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Delight in the harmony of Zenful White Floral, where the floral sweetness of chrysanthemum meets the high-antioxidant subtlety of delicate white tea. Each sip crafts a symphony of taste, providing a moment of pure serenity. Elevate your tea experience, knowing that the antioxidants in white tea support well-being, while chrysanthemums contribute to eye and skin health. Steep, sip, and savor the blissful fusion of flavors in Zenful White Floral.


Zenful White Tea is offered in 35 g rice paper bags and contains caffeine.

Zenful White Floral - Organic Chrysanthemum White Tea Blend

$12.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price

June Sales

  • Zenful White Floral blends chrysanthemum's cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, promoting eye health and skin nourishment, creating a harmonious elixir where floral sweetness meets delicate white tea's high antioxidants, elevating overall well-being and providing a soothing experience for the mind and body.

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