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Freebie & Promotions

We value your support for our small business. Explore our current promotions and sales here.

Labor Day Sales

We recognize your dedication and hard work. This Labor Day, pamper yourself and your loved ones with our extensive range of wellness products and supplements, available at discounts of up to 50% until the end of September.

Serenity Herba and More Labor Day Sales Up to 50% off Pain Relief Herbal Liniments, EMS Fo
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Share Your Feedback and Support Our Small Business!

Leave us a review and enjoy free products! Our small business thrives on your support, and your feedback not only helps others find the right products but also aids in our growth and improvement. As a token of our appreciation, when you write a review on any of our websites or social media platforms, you'll receive the reviewed products for free. You can choose one product per review, regardless of the platform. For example, if you post reviews for one product on three different platforms, you'll receive one of that product. If you post three reviews on three different products, you'll receive one of each of those three products.

Shipping charges will apply at the time of shipping arrangements, or you can receive free shipping when you purchase other products totaling over $75. Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback!

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