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 Serenity's Fusion of Tradition and Modernity Since 2013

Serenity, the guiding force behind Serenity Herbs and More since 2013 draws from the wisdom of her Chinese doctor grandfather to seamlessly blend traditional Chinese herbs with modern techniques, cultivating a life brimming with joy and vitality. Crafting small, exclusive batches of wellness products, including our unique line of herbal pain relief liniments designed for various body parts and pain types, Serenity's offerings stand out.  Lumbex offers solace for back pain, Neuroquil targets lower limb pain and numbness, and Traumend aids in soothing bruises, sore muscles, and training injuries.

Situated in the heart of Arizona, Serenity streamlines the journey to premium self-care, ensuring unmatched efficacy and a serene route to well-being. Recognizing the challenges of modern life and the struggle to consistently make time for self-care, Serenity extends her offerings to include a variety of health devices. From EMS Foot Massagers to pain-relieving infrared heat devices, these tools seamlessly integrate into our hectic schedules, delivering convenient and effective self-care solutions at an affordable price.

Each device undergoes rigorous testing, reaffirming its efficacy and quality. At the core of our mission is an unwavering commitment to offer you the most effective and affordable means to attain a healthy, joyous lifestyle.