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Celebrating Independence Day
Celebrate Independence Day with Serenity Herbs!
Enjoy 25% Off Wellness Products + Receive a Special Gift​

  • 25% Off Serenity Herbs wellness products

  • FREE EMS Acupoints Foot Massager with purchases of $75 or more

  • FREE Shipping on orders over $75

Hurry! The offer ends July 15th.

The Free Gift: EMS Acupoints Foot Massager

  • Advanced acupoint massage

  • Customizable modes and intensity

  • Portable and easy to use

  • Improves circulation

Happy Independence Day from Serenity Herbs and Supplements!

Serenity Wellness Tea Garden

Serenity Pain Relief Liniments

Our Clients Say

Construction Worker
"I work in construction, and my feet and back often hurt. A family member suggested I try a Foot Massager. The first time I used it, I felt tired and didn't care much for it. But, after using it again a week later, I started enjoying it, and I felt significant pain relief after just a few sessions. I use it every day now, and my sleep has improved. "

Matthew. AZ

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