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As known as Gui Hua, Osmanthus stands out as the Orient's most famous edible flower, celebrated for its unique fragrance and sweet, apricot-like notes. Gui Hua unfolds a delicate and floral flavor profile, creating a fragrant and enjoyable tea experience. Whether savored on its own or blended, Gui Hua adds a layer of sophistication to your tea ritual, offering a delightful taste journey.


Osmanthus Tea is offered in 15g rice paper bags and Caffeine Free.

Osmanthus | Gui Hua (Caffeine Free Tea)

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June Sales

    • Antioxidant Richness: Laden with antioxidants, Gui Hua promotes cellular health, providing overall well-being support.*


    • Mood Enhancement: The sweet aroma of Osmanthus is believed to have mood-lifting qualities, contributing to a sense of tranquility and relaxation.*


    • Digestive Comfort: Gui Hua is associated with potential digestive benefits, offering a soothing effect for digestive well-being.*


    • Respiratory Support: In traditional practices, Osmanthus is linked to respiratory health, potentially offering support for a healthy respiratory system.*
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