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Tianjiang Granules

Setting a New Standard


Almost half a century ago, Japanese researchers developed the technology to transform traditional Chinese medical teas into convenient dry granules. Today, Chinese herbal granules are extensively utilized in research and their use in healthcare is covered by the Japanese and Taiwanese national healthcare programs.


Taiwanese manufacturers of granules have always relied on the use of herbal material imported from the Chinese mainland.  More recently mainland Chinese companies have begun producing high-quality granules at home.  Healthcare professionals and patients alike are discovering the many benefits of granules manufactured using a farm-to-factory model, made from fresher herbal material that does not require preservatives or extended storage.


The leading farm-to-factory producer of Chinese herbal extracts in the world today is Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals. With their new 100 million dollar facility,   Tianjiang continues to lead the industry and raise the global standards for granule production.  Learn more at


  • sources raw herbs through established relationships with over 320 farms and production regions spanning 22 provinces in China, many herbs are grown on farms employing GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) or from ethically wild-crafted sources;


  • only uses raw herbs materials that are free of sulfur, often utilizing herbs from a single crop in one annual batch shortly after harvest;


  • applies microbiology testing which confirms the absence of microorganisms and pesticide residues with additional third-party testing for pesticide residues conducted in Germany.


Tianjing granules offer a difference you can taste.  We are confident that our granules allow for optimal patient compliance and the best clinical outcomes.




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