WOUNDWELL benefits minor scrapes and cuts*

WOUNDWELL benefits minor scrapes and cuts*

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WoundWell is our own proprietary version of the famous over-the-counter Chinese herbal remedy, Yunnan Baiyao.  Domestically produced WoundWell includes herbs with antimicrobial properties, it offers even more effective care for minor cuts and scrapes.*  A must for every medicine cabinet and travel.


If skin irritation or adverse effects occur, discontinue immediately and seek medical attention.


Contains:  pure powders of pu huang typha pollen, bai ji bletilla (cultivated), qian cao gen madder root, ce bai ye biota leaf, luo shi teng star jasmine vine, shan yao dioscorea, san qi notoginseng, gao liang jiang lesser galangal.


7 grams of powder packed in a glass vial. 


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