NEUROQUIL improves pain & numbness of the lower limbs*

NEUROQUIL improves pain & numbness of the lower limbs*


Serenity Herbs is proud to introduce a liniment consisting of herbs used for generations to manage pain and numbness of the knees, legs, and feet.  Uniquely formulated, Neuroquil stimulates circulation, promotes healing, and reduces discomfort.  For best results, we recommend gentling massaging the liniment into the affected area daily and following the diet, lifestyle, and clinical care advice of a licensed healthcare professional.* 


Apply topically as needed.  Discontinue if skin irritation or adverse effects occur.


Contains:  dang gui tangkuei,  ji xue teng millettia, chi shao yao red peony root, hong hua carthamus, mo yao myrrh, huai niu xi achyranthes, sang zhi mulberry twig, xi xian he agrimony, ai ye mugwort, wu jia pi acanthopanax, and tou gu caosperanskia infused in a base of pure alcohol.


4-ounce bottles.  Spray top provided with each bottle.


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