CLEAR SKIES freshens the air and brightens the mood*

CLEAR SKIES freshens the air and brightens the mood*

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Commercial air fresheners contain harsh, synthetic fragrances that are not only unpleasantly intense but may also pose long-term health risks.  Serenity Herbs and Supplements has created a natural air freshener using only high-grade essential oils, purified water, and grain alcohol.  Well-tolerated by the most sensitive individuals, great for households with pets.  Use clear Skies to eliminate offensive bathroom, kitchen or office odors or just to create a bright, relaxed, cheerful mood.* 


Contains:  pure therapeutic grade lavender, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot essential oils blended into pure distilled water with pure alcohol as a preservative and stabilizer.


4 ounces bottle with a convenient spray top.


Not intended for use on the skin or internal ingestion.


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