Keeping You and Your Family Healthy with Chinese Herbal Immune Support Supplements

Your Ultimate wellness product guide from Serenity Herbs and Supplements to boost your immune system naturally, stay healthier all year long.


Increasingly aware of the dangers of contagious disease, many people are looking for effective ways to stay healthy.* Herbal Defender is a unique blend that combines an 800-year-old Chinese formula to maintain wellness with Rhodiola Rosea, a rare herb from the mountains of Tibet and Siberia treasured for centuries for its numerous health benefits. This special formula also includes fresh ginger to enhance absorption and jujube date extract to boost energy and stamina.

✓ Based on a formula used by millions of patients

✓ Supercharged with a powerful adaptogen

✓ Extracts are laboratory tested for purity and potency

✓ For best results, begin prior to the cold and flu season

✓ Designed for easy digestibility


Extensive research in China has identified numerous Chinese herbs that affect the SARS-CoV2 virus.* Following traditional Chinese medicine principles, our master herbalist has crafted a blend of seven of the best of these herbs to promote respiratory wellness. Unlike similar products, Coronaid is a highly targeted dietary herbal supplement that safely provides optimal doses of each ingredient. Each capsule of Coronaid contains the same professional-grade granular extracts used by doctors in Chinese hospitals and clinics.

✓ Concentrated 5:1 potency

✓ Includes clinically proven herbal combinations

✓ All-natural formula


Chinese medicine holds that “the lungs are the delicate organ” and many of us have personal experience with a stubborn cough following a mild cold. Respirgen, inspired by a 1,800-year-old Chinese herbal formula, helps restore respiratory wellness.* We have modified this famous formula with the addition of salvia, shown in numerous Chinese studies to promote circulation, and cordyceps, a celebrated medicinal mushroom traditionally used to improve overall pulmonary function. As with all our exclusive formulations, Respirgen uniquely brings together centuries of astute Chinese clinical experience with rigorous modern scientific evidence.

✓ Ideal for lingering symptoms during recovery

✓ Incorporates herbs to reduce fatigue

✓ Use with traditional Chinese cough syrups for better results

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*All statements are for informational purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Always consult a licensed healthcare professional prior to taking any dietary supplement

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