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Improves pain & numbness of the lower limbs


Obesity, repetitive high-impact activity, and prolonged sitting all strain and damage the tissue and joints in our lower limbs, knees, and feet.  Neuroquil relieves minor aches and pains of the feet and legs.* This tincture is made from premium Chinese herbs (tested free of contaminants) infused for at least 12 months in pure alcohol in glass containers.


Apply topically as needed.  Discontinue if skin irritation or adverse effects occur.


Contains:  dang gui tangkuei,  ji xue teng millettia, chi shao yao red peony root, hong hua carthamus, mo yao myrrh, huai niu xi achyranthes, sang zhi mulberry twig, xi xian he agrimony, ai ye mugwort, wu jia pi acanthopanax, and tou gu cao speranskia infused in a base of pure alcohol.


4-ounce glass bottles.  Spray top provided with each bottle.



Neuroquil improves pain & numbness

Exclusive wellness product for improves pain and numbness of the lower limbs.

Neuroquil directions and indecations

Neuroquil directions and indecations

Neuroquil ingredients

Neuroquil ingredients


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Wholesale and volume discounts plus free shipping is available.  Please contact us for more infomation.



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*All statements made on this website are for informational purposes only.  Products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  Please consult your doctor prior to using any therapy.

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