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Herbal Consultations

~ Full Service Chinese Herbal Treatments from Diagnosis to Dispensary ~

If you don't have a TCM herbalist in your local area who can write you a prescription, don't worry. Serenity Herbs and Supplements has teamed up with David H. Price, B.A., M.O.M., L. Ac. to provide diagnosis and prescription writing services.


Request a 60 Minute In-Person Consultation at our centrally located clinic  (1601 N Tucson Blvd., Ste 1B Tucson AZ 85716)
Virtual Consultation 
Telephone Consultation 

For in-person and virtual consultation, please download and fill out the new client paperworkand e-mail to


If you would like a telephone consultation and prescription, please follow these steps:



  • Take some good pictures of your tongue gently extended.  Two or three pictures taken in differing lights will be enough.



  • Include a phone number where we can call you for the Telephone Consultation.


  • Go to BOOK ONLINE page add the preferred consultation service to your shopping cart and pay using our simple PayPal interface.  


We will contact you as soon as we received your order to confirm your consultation details.  After the consultation has been completed, Mr. Price will analyze your case and send you a prescription in PDF or Word document form.  If you decide to have our dispensary complete your order, simply pay online or call us at 520-465-5501 to have Serenity Herbs and Supplements fill your prescriptions with our premium herbal granules.  



About David Price, L. Ac.


David Price has over 20 years of experience in private practice and more than a decade of experience teaching Chinese herbal studies at the graduate level. In China, Mr. Price mentored under Dr. Zhang Guang-Hua at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Inspired by the Li-Zhu model of medicine, he specializes in treating complicated, chronic conditions.  Learn more about David Price, L. Ac. at


We look forward to hearing feedback regarding your results, and Mr. Price is available at to answer your questions. If your prescription needs to be changed, we will provide an additional 2 prescriptions free of charge.  It is not unusual to continue the same formulation for several weeks or longer as the balance is restored within the body.  Once your symptoms have resolved to your satisfaction, you are welcome to discontinue your Chinese herbal dietary supplement.    


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