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Chinese Herbal Formulas

Here in the U.S., we are accustomed to a Western medical model.  In our way of thinking, health is defined as the absence of disease.  When we experience unpleasant symptoms, we visit our doctors who run tests in the hope of diagnosing a disease.  Once a medical condition is identified, standard treatments, usually drugs or surgical procedures, are used with the intention of improving or correcting the pathology.


The American public knows acupuncture as the most famous form of Chinese medical care. In China, however, the professional community recognizes that the scope of treatment with acupuncture is limited.  In fact, the standard-of-care in Chinese hospitals and clinics for all internal medical complaints is the use of herbal formulas. 


Professionally crafted Chinese herbal formulas are the perfect blend of thousands of years of experience with personalized care. Your Chinese health care professional will usually begin with a time honored herbal combination and then modify it to meet your individual needs.  This unique method delivers the piece of mind of lengthy empirical experience with a personalized approach that avoids the one-size-fits-all strategy used in pharmaceutical treatments that can lead to adverse effects.



Serenity Herbs and Supplements is committed to providing qualified, licensed Chinese health care professionals with the best Chinese herbal dietary supplements available.  We are the only dispensary in the state of Arizona specializing in Tianjing brand granules, the professional standard in China.  Our dispensary also prides itself on its GMP-inspired dispensary protocols.  As described in our Dispensary Manual, our process involves meticulous attention to detail to ensure that your Chinese herbal dietary supplement meets your precise needs as determined by your practitioner.

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