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May we Help You Build Your Practice?

We are proud to be a part of Arizona's TCM community. We share your values, and we want to help you build your practice. Here's what we can offer:




Do you have new patients who are skittish about herbs in general and Chinese medicinal herbs in particular? Serenity Herbs and Supplements offers you the highest level of professionalism. Share with your patients our seventeen-page Herbal Dispensary Manual, in which we describe how we maintain precision and cleanliness throughout the dispensing process. We source our herbs from Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals, the leading farm-to-factory producer of Chinese herbal extracts in the world today.  We also provide FDA-compliant labels and archive all patient prescriptions.



We restrict dispensary access to trained personnel only. We triple weigh our formulas. We keep careful records of all lot numbers. And we require prescriptions that use both Pinyin and English names to eliminate confusion. Your patients will be getting the most accurately formulated prescriptions available.



We follow a strict hygiene regimen in our dispensary. We also follow a careful, GMP driven process when dispensing herbs, reducing the risk for errors and the possibility of cross-contamination.



Just as a famous Bordeaux wine can only come from a single vineyard, Chinese herbs are best when grown in the conventional cultivation areas.  This phenomenon is known as dao di or geo-authenticity.  Like wine, some herbs are even named after the area traditionally known for the highest quality product. Serenity Herbs sources geo-authentic herbal material whenever possible.  We also carry one of the largest selections of pao zhi or specially prepared herbs in the Southwest.  Our inventory of processed herb variants gives you the widest range of choices for safer and more effective treatment.



Let's face it. Some herbs just don't taste very good. The best herbs in the world won't work if your patients won't take them. We offer Tianjaing herbs, which have a fresher, more natural flavor than Taiwanese granules.  Better taste means patient compliance. And better compliance makes possible longer courses of treatment and better clinical outcomes. 


Check out our herbal inventory. Take a look at our wellness products, all of which blend ancient wisdom and modern science to produce proprietary products you won't find anywhere else. Then sign up for a no-obligation practitioners' account, and let us help you provide your patients with the highest quality care.

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